Saturday, December 12, 2009

Why is Ambulance White?

  • Ambulance is used to carry ill or hurt people to the hospitals.
  • “AMBULANCE” on ambulance is always written as a mirror image so that people driving in front of this ambulance can easily read it in their mirrors so that they can give side to the ambulance.
  • To give side means to either go to the left side of the road if you are driving in the left-hand-traffic country or to go to the right side of the road if you are driving in the right-hand-traffic country.
  • Many countries have right hand driving system & many other left countries have left hand driving system.
  • Officially, in India we have to drive on the left. But we usually drive on what is left.
  • Because of this, many road accidents take place & that is why, in the first case, ambulance is needed to carry people to the hospitals.
  • So, you can put it this way that sometimes the Ambulance itself riding on the road is the reason of its existence. So, if the opportunity is not knocking on your door, get on the other side & you knock it yourself. A good market building strategy.
  • Talking about hospitals; there are many hospitals in many big cities. But then too, citizens always cry that they are not enough. This is because there are also many ill people in these many much big cities.
  • People get ill because of cheesy chuck or virulent viruses or bossy bosses. (Hmmm… Alliteration) Boss when used as adjective means “Exceptionally good”, like in “a boss hand at painting”. But i haven’t seen any boss boss.
  • Boss is also used as not-so-meaningful word, where any other word could also easily replace it, like in “Kya boss! Kuch bhi kya?” or “Booosssss! Kya dikhti hai wo!”
  • Many people speak many meaningless things many times. Many of these many choose to be much more meaningless by choosing to say many meaningless things many times. (Alliteration again! Hey, this is also alliteration again. So it’s cyclic alliteration.)
  • I hate and love such things as i hate to love and love to hate.
  • As we are speaking of love and hate, let me tell you that a research from Yale University suggests that love-hate relationships may be the result of poor self-esteem.
  • But that’s got nothing to do with our ambulance.
  • But, you all have to do with The Princess Anne Hathaway who starred with Meryl Streep in The Devil wears Prada, who, by the way is MFA from Yale University. I mean Meryl, not Anne. & by the way, Anne's dad was a lawyer ;)
  • But more than these two, i like Rachel Weisz. & being F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan, i like Matt LeBlanc too.
  • Do you now what’s common between these two. No?!?!?!? Let me tell you then. Weisz means white in German and LeBlanc also means white but in French.
  • That’s why the Ambulance is White.
  • Hence Proved :)

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