Monday, December 31, 2007

ABC of 2007

Lots many things happened the receding year. Lets take a sneek-peek at some of them.

Abhi-Ash bind in matrimony keeping the press at an arms length
Adam’s Bridge? NO NO NO! I am politically clever. No Comments Please!!!
AIIMS go on a strike for their rights. RDB kept alive by these students.

Bachchans targeted for what not. Be it the flower decoration at marriage or be it taxes to pay. Bad year for them in the end with the demise of Teji Bachchan.
Blair steps down the Brit PM Office.
Britney Spears in a rehab with a Bald head & also tries to bring death by hanging her self.
Bob Woolmer meets a tragic death bringing surprise along with suspicion on many Paki players.
Benazir Bhutto assassinated. Oh! She had two Bs.

China ready for hosting the Olympics ’08. Beautifully decorated cities ready for the guests. Let me say, its all Chaka Chak.

Dhoni brought a feather in cap of Indians which was a must after the sham defeat in World Cup by Bangladesh. Twenty20 zindabad!
The Departed won the most coveted Oscar. Truly Worth!

Emergency with our neighbors.
Elizabeth Hurley FINALLY married with Arun Nayyar. India got the only reception part to enjoy.

Farah Khan heading with jets. Proved that female directors can give a HIT to Bollywood. Also thank her for RE-INTRODUCING SRK.

Gujarat always in news. Elections got on air everywhere.
Gordon Brown steps in as the new Brit PM.
Greg Chappell finally resigns after facing a lot of music.

Harry Potter finale released.
Hillary got to get-set-go for Presidency.
Husain M F received non-bailable warrant for obscene painting of Bharat Mata. He books a complete theatre for The Return of the Queen.

An “i” for the “I”. TOI brings in a new re-defined “i” to our eyes.
Pursuits of Happyness also helped this new mission.

J K Rowling rolls in millions. Promises for the 8th part giving details of Hogwarts.

Kingfisher catches the Air Deccan.

Lakshmi Mittal retains the crown of Richest Indian.

Madhuri returns. Not with a bang though.
Modi returns. With a Bang!!
Manjunath’s murderer gets death penalty.

NCERT to ban “FAIL”.
Nawaz Sharif returns & ironically, still stays.
Nandigram in fires.

OSO! SOS according to me.
Osama celebrates 50th birthday on March 11.
Obama gives a tough fight to Hillary.

President Appointed! Prathibatai Patil enjoys being first lady Prez of India.
Padma splits with Rushdie.
Pravin Mahajan gets life term imprisonment for brother Pramod’s murder.

Queen Elizabeth II turns 81. Still counted amongst the top models. Magazines say she has the Style.
The Queen brought in an Oscar for Helen Mirren. The Reel Queen gets a tea-break with The Real Queen

Richard Gere tripped in a reverse gear after the kiss with the pretty woman Shilpa.
Ramasethusamudran! New issue for the Rama Lovers.
Rahul Gandhi the next PM or what?

Sunita Williams takes Samosas to space. Record break 195 days in space.
Shilpa Shetty brought to tears by the Big Brother. Consoled later by the Rs 3 Crore Prize. Again in news with a stage show for aiding AIDS.
Saawariya promises to much but fails to keep them. Turkish towels in market though.
Six-Packs in demand!!! Thanks to SRK.

Taj Mahal the topmost wonder of the world. Thanks to our modern telecommunication.
Taslima again in news. Though nothing good this time also.
Telgi stamped for stamp scam.

UP get the new CM. Mayawati surprises everyone.
Uttarakhand, new name of Uttaranchal.

Virginia Shootout! Alas!!!
Valdimir Putin, the Times’ Person of the Year.
Victoria & David move to LA & also occupy a place in Madame Tussad’s.

West Bengal set on fires.

X Men- The Last Stand. 3rd in the series released.

Y K Sabharwal, the ex-chief justice faces music for lending a helping hand to son, taking advantage of post.

ZZee launches ICL Cricket Team.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

25th December,2007

I truely dont know for what i have started this blog of mine. Might be just coz i wanted to write something. & hence giving it a try. Dont expect anything good from this blog atleast in this beginning. Lets hope a good beginning on this holy day.

Merry Christmas to one & all.