Saturday, September 18, 2010


Saw “Marley & Me” few weeks back on Star Movies.

Lovely dramedy!!! The movie has no great story as such. It’s just about the simplest & the most uncomplicated experience of life; of having a pet dog. Surprisingly, after reading on Wikipedia {Yeah! I Wiki everything. I use it more than Google} about it, i came to know that this movie is based on real life experiences. {Real life experience movies are catching up nowadays, i suppose. E.g. Schindler’s List, Milk, Erin Brockovich, A Beautiful Mind, etc. It can thus be concluded that many people do have good real life experiences. Aaaargh!! I hate my life even more now!! }

Repeating again, simplicity at its best can be seen here. Though John Grogan (played by Owen Wilson) is unhappy with professional life, unsure & afraid of the happenings of married life; Marley is the one simplest thing that’s holding him up all the time. He falls in a pickle with kids coming in & knows not of how his reactions would be. Otherwise devilish & destructive Marley welcomes those tiny newborns with whole composure. John gets morale from him & embraces the new beginnings. John progresses as a column writer wherein he is applauded for his article on Marley’s misadventures. Slowly & steadily, over a period of time, they all accept this peevish creature as family’s integral part. Life moves on and with old age the golden Labrador retriever wags good bye.

The movie takes you through comedy, some problems with new adjustments & many heart touching experiences of happiness. Though it’s a touchy movie, it doesn’t make you sob but surely moistens your eyes at the end. A life as simple as it can be reminds you of all the simplest things you miss in your life. Of how you miss out a simple curd rice bowl over a Hot Masala Tikki Creamy Pizza {Forgive me if there is no such pizza of such name existing. And please forget that i used this name if it exists & is already copyrighted or patented or something.} Of how you miss out gazing the moon crescent on cold nights of January for keeping-in-touch with friends on social networking sites. Of how you miss out helping your mom in kitchen for catching up with your sitcoms. & of how you miss out the Sunday morning Rangoli for sleeping late compensating your Saturday night bash.

I know that it’s not at all simple to live a simple life. With a mind that wanders everywhere, except your inner soul; with things happening enticingly around you; with a marathon race to project your superiority over others; we forget what we ourselves are. The mask we wear becomes our actual face. We tend to forget that what we in the interior are, are not what we portray. It’s like painting your home with best enamor on outside & using some cheap putty on the inside to only discover that its all falling & messing your own life. Now as this gyaan is clich├ęd by many gyaanis already, me adding more to it doesn’t sound to be much fruitful. But just a shot at it won’t hurt. Although nothing might change in you, it will surely remain at the back of mind of how i preached it & how i myself am not following it. With that guilt, maybe, someday, i myself will become simple.