Sunday, July 19, 2009

Harry Potter and the .........who???

After finishing the Harry Potter books what one has to do is discuss it with friends, scan your brain for weird things you remember and quiz your friends on it and wait & wait & wait for the next film to release. One day the wait finishes, you return home and you again continue your wait for the next movie hoping that at least that one doesn’t disappoint you.

Well, as most of the HP movies did, this also was a great discontent. But before going to the cons, let’s have its plus points first.

:) The new 3D experience which makes you grip your chair tightly (i mean it literally) was the ace card of the game. The WB logo and the title of the movie that float towards you were awesome. And so was the ride through streets of London to collapse the Millennium Bridge.
:) All the actors, new and old, have done a fantastic job. Tim Felton (Draco), who never got such a big role to play before, also proves to be good. Merlin’s beard! How can we forget the beautiful portrayal of the new Potions’ master (played by Jim Broadbent)? For a change, we could also see a different genre of acting from Daniel. It seems, Mr. Radcliffe need not worry for his career after the HP series’ end. Maybe, all he needs is a bit of “luck”.
:) Now i don’t know whether it was intentional or just coincidental, but i did notice this one fact. When the Dark Lord rises to the power and the whole wizard world (and some Muggle world too) is under the growing evil, the theme was maintained throughout the movie. All the scenes were either night scenes or shown as unlit, cloudy or snowy days. Hence the gloomy looks gripped in all places. The usual scenic beauty around the ‘Train to Hogwarts’ was replaced by a stretch of barren land. The comic appearances of Hagrid were also scissored.
:) The other good points were that of different locations shown within Hogwarts. True for Luna to say “I don’t remember having come to this part of the castle”. The director has also added a few small small bits of his own which were also good. For example wee the golden owl on the Headmaster’s address dais and the sand hour-glass in Slughorn’s room.

But… (Yes, now comes this…)

:( The movie lagged far behind the stupendous and precise descriptions of the original writer. Hence, the book-readers were all hope-struck. Why the readers turn toward the screen is to visualize better than what words have already done for them. But if that’s not possible, may be, Mrs. Rowling herself should seat the director’s chair for the finale.
:( The main flaw of the movie was the extra-romance. The first half of the movie seemed to have no motive at all then to fix the love-lives of all (literally all) characters. They also went to the extent of Dumbledore personally asking Harry whether he had something “ON” with Hermione. Maybe David Yates (Director) had made friends with Karan Johar and Yash Chopra.
:( Why i eagerly waited for this movie was because this part had memories of many people collected by the Headmaster in the quest to know Voldemort better. As these memories took you out of Hogwarts in different places and times, it had huge opportunities to shoot miracles and to make the audiences go wow. But at the end, the audiences have known little of it.
:( Another attraction of this movie was to see Snape take over as the Defense-against-the-Dark-Art’s professor, the post he craved for all his life. But alas! This year, Hogwarts was shown only teaching potions. None of the Snape’s or McGonagall’s lectures were shown.
:( The final battle between the death eaters and the DA was not even shown. The death eaters just come & destroy the castle without any fightings with other professors.
:( If you were a first time HP watcher, i bet you didn’t even understand when Avada was cursed and when Dumbledore died. The funeral and the White Phoenix were missing.
:( Other loose ends were lack of dialogues to many characters & even few missing characters. Neville didn’t even have a word this time. All elves, owls, phoenixes, charms, curses, ministry of magic, new Minister, the Prime Minister of London, practices in Hogwarts, exams, festivals & celebrations (other than Christmas) were all missing. It also appeared as if you-know-who had gone in exile with leaving just Lestrange and Greyback to tame the whole world.
:( The plot hugely lagged in portraying the importance of the Half Blood Prince himself. He is mentioned in the beginning and then only at the end when it is revealed who the Prince is. The mystery behind the Half Blood Prince was all killed and hence it did not justify why the movie was named as “Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince”.


Mehak said...

i agree with you that all the movies disappoint but in this one, i kinda did like all the romance. :p
Though, yes, it was off-point from the actualy story.

Animesh Kulkarni said...

not just off-point. it didnt hv any point at all.